Best Water Shoes for Women

Best Water Shoes For Women: 5 Most Desirable Models Tested And Reviewed

Are you interested in kayaking, fishing or just love spending time in the water? If you do, you will need water shoes. They are not something impractical, heavy and expensive like they were in the past. New models have evolved and they are better than ever before. Here, we will help you discover the 5 best water shoes for women which offer precisely as we have mentioned. With a new pair, your water-based activity will be more comfortable, safer and obviously more desirable.

Top 5 Best Water Shoes For Women

Speedo Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

For those who seek perfection and pay a lot of attention to detail, we present the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0. They are known as the best water shoes for women and they are usually chosen by users who will wear them for a long period of time, regularly. As such, the comfort is at the highest level possible, the materials are designed to be used in the water and the grip is phenomenal.

Obviously, you may need a specific color. That’s why this model is available in 6 different versions. All of them, offer the same features and they look impressive.

S-Trac system

The system refers to the outsole which is developed to remove water between the shoes and the surface. As a result, they offer great grip and they will make sure you don’t slip while walking on the slippery surface. Don’t forget that this is one of the most important factors to consider.

4-way stretch

Putting the shoes on and removing them is easier than ever before, thanks to 4-way stretch feature. Basically, the shoes are flexible at the top so you can easily put them on your feet. When you are done, you will notice that the shoes are tight around the ankles offering the safety and comfort.


  • 4-way stretch
  • Superb grip
  • Appealing design
  • Breathability


  • Sensitive mesh
  • More colors would be better


ALEADER Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This model has been the safest choice for many months. The shoes are beautifully made and they come with impressive features. One, an important element for all girls is the fact they are available in 23 different colors, so you won’t have a hard time finding the model you like.

The materials are durable, superb when it comes to spending some time in the water and they are comfortable. Of course, they allow for your feet to breathe and they stay comfortable even when completely wet. Traction is specifically implemented for uses on slippery surfaces.

Fluid Flow Technology

The feature sounds appealing and it has an important role. It allows for the shoes to drain excess water as much as possible, starting at the top and reaching the outsole. The drainage is better than most other models have at the moment, so we can assume that these shoes would be great for demanding users.

Hydrophobic Engineered Mesh

The Hydrophobic Engineered Mesh is applied to the top layers of the shoes. The main purpose is to allow for the feet to breathe and speed up the drying. We tested this system in the real world and we believe that it actually works perfectly.


  • Hydrophobic Engineered Mesh
  • Fluid Flow Technology
  • Traction
  • Available in 23 different colors


  • Possible complications with finding the suitable size
  • Outsole can trap small rocks and shells


Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Most of you have come across these shoes more than just once. The reason is simple. They have been the most popular water shoes of all times and we can see why. First of all, they can be used as conventional water shoes, but at the same time they can be used for walking. They are comfortable and soft.

If you have noticed that they look a bit different than other models that’s because they are designed to be as versatile as possible. You can wear them while in the water, on the beach or on the street and they will still look and stay 100% functional.

Solyte midsole

The midsole is made of Solyte which comes with own set of advantages. For example, you will appreciate the comfort, the softness and the bouncy effect the midsole provides. In addition, it is lightweight which makes it suitable for for4 users who will wear the shoes for a long period of time.

Comfor Dry sockliner

The Comfor Dry sockliner is another main feature of the mentioned shoes. It is used in order to provide dry, soft and comfortable environment for your feet. The cushions are impressive and they are slightly better than most other models have.


  • Comfor Dry sockliner
  • Cushions inside
  • Lightweight midsole
  • 90% fabric


  • Obsolete design
  • Expensive


Bopika Barefoot Shoes Water Sports Shoes Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks for Women

Swimming, walking on a beach or training yoga have one thing in common. All of these activities are better with the water shoes we have discovered. Simply said, they are some of the most versatile water shoes of all times. They are elegant, lightweight as well and they look superb.

The main material is polyester, 92% of it as a matter of fact. The rest, 8% is spandex, which makes them flexible. This combination of materials makes the shoes very easy to put on and to remove. The entire process takes just a few seconds. Don’t forget that in the package you get a free waterproof case for your phone.

High level of comfort

The shoes can be used for any action you have on your mind. At all times they will stay comfortable, offer superb traction and they will protect your feet. Sadly, the level of protection is lower than other water shoes have to offer!

The most versatile water shoes

Yes, as we have mentioned, these are the most versatile water shows money can buy. You can use them for any activity that is appealing to you and you will get the same list of advantages and benefits. They are suitable for different workouts, swimming, fishing, playing on a beach and etc.


  • Modern design
  • Versatile water shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of different versions to choose from


  • Lower level of feet protection
  • Waterproof phone case is massive


AVADAR Water Shoes, Men Women Water Shoes Barefoot Quick Dry Aqua Shoes

The tested model is similar to the previous one. They are also thin, soft and flexible water shoes that can be used for many, different activities. The comfort is immense and the look is sleek, so you can wear them wherever you want. Of course, these are high-quality shoes so you get the durability you need.

They are available in multiple colors and the design is desirable in the lack of a better word. We believe that the shoes will place a smile on your face every single time you wear them.

Extremely flexible

Thanks to the combination of polyester and spandex (92% and 8%) the flexibility is at the highest level. The shoes will adapt to your feet shape perfectly and stay like that as long as you wear them. While moving, the shoes will follow the curves and the movement of the feet, which makes them even better.

Non-slip soles

The soles are adapted to be used on a slippery surface. They are ideal for swimming pools, yoga studios, and gyms. The non-slip sole is a mandatory factor which deserves your full attention, so you will appreciate the fact these shoes come with superb traction.


  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for different usages


  • Difficult to find a suitable size
  • Feet protection


Buyer’s Guide

Best water shoes for women are far from an easy choice! You will have to consider the most important factors, less-important features, and the safety features as well. That’s why we have implemented all of the factors you will need into the buyer’s guide mentioned below. Now you should invest some time into analyzing the main factors and features to look for.

Types of water shoes

Believe or not, there are a lot of types of water shoes. Each one comes with its own pros and cons and it will be the best choice for some of you. The most common types are;

  • Sandals

These are basically a combination of water shoes and sandals. They offer superb comfort and they are ideal for uses on the beach. When it comes to the main differences, look at the soles. They are thicker than other water shoes have and they offer more comfort. Some of them usually have a system that will keep on the feet.

  • Closed-toe type

This type is slightly different. It is a combination between the next type, activity water shoes, and the water shoe sandals. As the name suggests, they have a closed toe design, a proper lacing system and they are better when it comes to the protection. Of course, they are ideal for applications on the beach, but not great for advanced activities.

  • Active water shoes

Active water shoes are the most popular. They are made of synthetic materials and they can be used for any activity you have on your mind. You will notice that their sole is thicker as well and they look more like ordinary shoes. Of course, each model is equipped with a drainage system and with advanced, materials that make drying as quickly as possible.

  • Barefoot type

This type is the most difficult to explain. Basically, they are designed for a specific type of people. You will get pockets for each of your toes and you will appreciate the lightness. The water shoes in question are also extremely thin and they look very appealing. Also, they can be used for many applications.

  • Water socks

Technically, these are not water shoes, but some of you will make a mistake and believe they got a new pair of water shoes. Water socks are designed to get dry as quickly as possible and to protect your feet while in the water. They are thicker and come with added pads for protection compared to conventional socks. Pairing them with actual, water shoes is more than just possible.

Purpose-focused water shoes

Before we move to the main factors to consider, we must tell you that different usages require different water shoes. For example, shoes that are ideal for hiking are far from superb for use while swimming. As such, before you move to the actual choosing process, you will have to consider the application you have in mind.

  • Kayaking- When looking for kayaking water shoes, pay attention to the non-slip sole and the feet protection. You must get the ultimate safety even when moving over rocks and shells.
  • Fishing- Now you will need the comfort. Let’s face it, you will stay on your feet for hours, so you definitely need comfort. If you are planning to use the shoes on a boat, make sure to add traction to the account.
  • Hiking- Yes, water shoes can be used for short hikes as well. However, the differences are massive. First of all, you need shoes that offer superb protection and traction. Then, you will need shoes that will get dry as soon as possible.
  • Swimming- Water shoes that can be used while swimming and walking on the beach are the lightest of them all, they come with bright colors and they will get dry in minutes. We can add that choosing them is the easiest process of them all.


Regardless of the fact what the main purpose is, you need traction in your new water shoes. It is also the main factor to consider and it can make a massive difference. Look for shoes that are non-slippery and they can provide this benefit to all situations. When spending time at a swimming pool, while walking on the beach or while moving across tiled areas, you need the traction.

We can see two main differences when we take a look at the soles. The first type is traction which is provided by small holes in the sole. The advantage is superb traction, but the drawback is the fact small shells and rocks can get into the shoe. The second type is sole with a design that removes water between shoe and surface. They have less traction, but nothing can get into the shoe.

Main material

Water shoes are made of different materials, obviously. But, you should stay focused on the models made of synthetic materials. They can withstand water the best and they won’t absorb it, which is an advantage. It is important for you to get water shoes that can dry as soon as possible and will drain out all the water within minutes.

Although rare, some models do come with elements made of cotton. This material and similar ones must be avoided. Cotton will absorb water, making the drying process much longer. It will also make the water shoes heavier, so you will get feet fatigue. See why you must pay attention to the synthetic materials?


Another, important factor to consider is the ability for water shoes to drain the excess water. There are two possibilities. Some shoes have drain holes on the sole and midsole, while others have material that is covered in tiny holes. Through them, the water will escape the shoe.

Regardless of which model you choose from the list, it will provide superb drainage. If you are looking for alternative models, make sure you pay a close attention to the drainage system those shoes have. The point is to eliminate water which will make the shoes lighter and more comfortable.

Drainage is a mandatory factor if you are planning to wear your water shoes daily. By removing the water, your feet will get dry quickly, decreasing the risk of bacteria and fungus appearing on the feet.

Putting the shoes on and removing them off your feet

A good thing is the fact most of the water shoes require just a few seconds to be put on your feet and a few seconds to be removed. Some models are slip-on, which is a desirable feature if you are a child or looking for the easiest method. Additionally, you will want to make sure the shoes are tight and they stay in place even while running, moving, swimming and etc. loose water shoes are not a great option!

Some models do come with zippers, which makes them easy as well. However, zippers are not very durable. Those that stretch are probably the best option for most of you.

Cushioning systems

In the shortest explanation possible, we will tell you that the cushioning system consists of cushions implemented into the water shoe. How many cushions makes a difference and you will want to consider their number. If you are looking or water shoes that are ideal for movement on the slippery rocks, you need added cushioning system simply to get additional protection.


Design depends on one thing only, on your individual preference. You can get a model that only you like or get one of the water shoes that are considered as the most appealing on the market. Don’t forget that you need water shoes that are primarily protective and suitable for a specific purpose rather than just a pair of good-looking shoes.


One of the important and usually forgotten factors to consider is the weight of water shoes. If you will wear them as long as possible and while performing different activities, you need a lightweight pair of water shoes. Don’t forget that while in the water, they will feel heavier, so you need a unit that will be as lightweight as possible when dry and when wet.


  • When can I wear my water shoes?

They are great when spending time on a beach, swimming, hiking or walking. The new models are designed to protect your feet in all situations.

  • How to clean water shoes?

After you are done wearing them, use warm water and soap to remove the salt, debris, and sand. Rinse them with clean water and let them dry. Don’t wash them in a washing machine or you may damage the materials.

  • What benefits will I get while wearing water shoes?

First, they will protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells and all other issues. Then, you don’t have to worry about nasty bacteria that will develop on your feet.

  • Can I get one model and use it for different purposes?

Yes, some of the types we have explained are specifically designed for multiple applications.

  • Do I have to wear socks while wearing water shoes?

Of course not. There is no need to wear socks.

  • Can I wear the same water shoes in the rivers and while swimming in the ocean?

Water shoes are designed to be used in all water environments. It is irrelevant are you wearing them in freshwater, saltwater or any other type of water. They offer the same advantages.

  • Are there some differences between water and conventional shoes?

The differences are massive. First, water shoes are made of different materials, they have better traction on slippery surfaces and they have drainage systems. Also, they won’t promote bacteria growth inside the shoes.

  • Are water shoes durable?

Yes, they are. Some models can last as long as an ordinary pair of shoes, while others can last even longer. They are not as delicate as you may think.

  • Is the sizing the same as for ordinary shoes?

Yes, the sizing system is the same.


All what we can say at this point is that the Speedo Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 are the best water shoes for women money can buy. They have the best stretching system, they look the best and they are suitable for many, different applications. We also liked the quality and the attention to detail the shoes come with. Besides all of this, they come with all-new S-trac system that meets even the highest requirements for the traction. The total score is 5 out of 5 stars. All you have to know is that we were impressed with the shoes while testing them. Don’t forget other models from the list. It is a massive success being able to be on our list at first place.