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Top 5 Long Sleeve Swim Shirts

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Best Long Sleeve Swim Shirt: We Tested 5 Best Models

Regardless of the fact are you planning a new vacation or you live near the beach, you are going to need the same thing. As you may know, the answer is the long sleeve swim shirt. The swim shirts are also known as rash guards or surf tees and they are designed to provide you with UPF50+ sun protection and to help you stay cool and comfortable even on a blazing hot day. We were able to find 5 models that are simply the best.

Top 5 Long Sleeve Swim Shirts

Women’s UV Sun Protection Long Sleeve Rash Guard Wetsuit Swimsuit Top

The first long sleeve swim shirt on our list is currently the best-selling product of this kind on the market and as such, it comes with many advantages. First of all, it is well-made, of high-quality materials and will get dry within minutes. Of course, there is one, more appealing feature which will be explained later.

You will have to wash the swim shirt by hands. Adding the detergent isn’t the option either due to the fact it will destroy the layer that keeps UV rays away from your skin. Don’t forget that you get the ability to choose between 9 different colors.

Adjustable length

Precisely this is the most desirable feature of the swim shirt in question. All you have to do is to pull straps on the sides of the shirt and you can adapt it as a shirt, or leave the straps and you have a dress. We liked this feature and we believe that all products of this kind should have it.


The swim shirt is incredibly versatile. It can be used while swimming, surfing, for yoga and for any other application. At the same time, you will get outstanding sun protection, enjoy the comfort and feel cool.


  • Versatile model
  • Adjustable length
  • 9 different colors
  • Advanced UV protection


  • Detergent can damage the UV protection layer
  • Too tight for some owners


Funnygirl Women’s Rashguard Long Sleeve Zip UV Protection Print Surfing Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suits

Now we’ll present you a bit different model that is also well-known and more than just popular. The list of features starts with the ability to surf while wearing the swim shirt and to enjoy the sun with outstanding sun protection. However, this also means that the detergent will damage the protective layer.

You should know that the design is slightly different than with the first model. This is a bit larger unit without the adjustable length. On the other side, we can see that it looks better and it is available in different versions, all of which are in bright colors and with a high level of attention to detail.

UPF50+ sun protection

While wearing the swim shirt you will be completely protected from the UV rays. It is simply appreciated thanks to the great sun protection and the fact the shirt covers a massive amount of your skin, so you will be better protected.

Padded bra

For those of you who like surfing, this swim shirt is a great choice. The padded bra is implemented into the design and there is no wiring which looks annoying and far from professional. We must add that the swim shirt is very popular among surfers across the world.


  • UPF50+ protection
  • Bright and nice color options
  • Padded bra
  • Breathable material


  • Early models have issues with the US sizing
  • Lack of single-colored versions


Tesla Women’s UPF 50+Swim Shirt Rashguard Short/Long Sleeve FSR Series

When we take a look at this brand, we can see that it is one of the most desirable ones in the world. Obviously, they had to make a swim shirt that will be placed on our list. As a result, we have the model in question. It is versatile, yet simple. The overall quality is impressive and the attention to details is advanced.

There is no need in adding that it also offers SPF50+ protection and the long sleeves make it ideal for advanced sun protection. This model is all about finding the unit that you like the most, as you can see if you continue reading.

33 available color versions

One of the biggest advantages and the benefits you can get is the fact this swim shirt is available in 33 different colors. It is simply the most impressive range we have come across and it makes the unit specifically designed literally for all of you.

High-density fabric

The fabric that is used for this model is high-density meaning that it is extremely durable and tough. We also liked the superior sun protection, which was mentioned. But, at the same time, the fabric will protect you from scratches, abrasions and etc.


  • 33 available variations
  • High-density fabric
  • 3D printing
  • Level of protection


  • Ordinary design
  • Too lose for some people


O’Neill Women’s Basic Skins Upf 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard

The unit here is also very different and original compared to other models available on the market. It is more oriented towards the professionals and those who will need advanced features. An interesting addition we can share with you is that this swim shirt is designed to feel like ‘’second’’ skin.

On our tests, the swim shirt performed well and we were more than just satisfied with the results. It is made of spandex and polyester and it offers a high level of protection.

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

This feature should help you understand that the unit is special. It offers great UV ray protection and we can add that the overall effect is slightly above average. Yet, the swim shirt feels comfortable and it is lightweight. You will enjoy wearing it.

Minimal seam placement

The seam placement is minimal due to a particular reason. It is decreased compared to the previous versions due to the fact it decreases the risk of rashes. That’s why we want to recommend it to women with sensitive skin.


  • Decreased seam protection
  • Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for professionals


  • Tight around the shoulders
  • Some versions look cheap


Tesla Women’s UPF 50+ Zip Front Long Sleeve Top Rashguard Swimsuit FSZ01 / FSZ11

The last model on our list may be the most interesting for some of you. It is definitely an appealing unit to choose and it truly comes with a high level of attention to detail. As a value for money, it is excellent as well.

We liked this unit simply because it offered a lot of the same features as more expensive models. Of course, it is suitable for beginners and semi-professionals who are looking for a decent swim shirt. Anyway, there are two main features we would like to explain a bit better.

2-way air circulation

Thanks to the sensitive fabric and the specific design, this swim shirt is excellent in providing the superior air circulation. It means that your skin will get plenty of air at any given moment and it prevents sweating. We were satisfied with the overall result.

Twisted 3D patterns

As we have mentioned, this is an affordable model. Nevertheless, it still comes with twisted 3D patterns that make it look better than the same models from the same price range. This is one of many reasons why the attention to detail is on the highest level.


  • Twisted 3D patterns
  • Value for money
  • Air circulation
  • Sun protection


  • Larger versions
  • Neck opening is loose


Buyer’s Guide For The Best Long Sleeve Swim Shirt

A long sleeve swim shirt isn’t something you will purchase regularly. As a matter of fact, some of you will even look for these products once a year. It isn’t difficult to imagine the mixture of the complexity of these items and the fact you don’t need them regularly. In order to assist you as much as possible, we will provide you with the buyer’s guide. In the content below, we will mention all the main factors and tricks you need to know before choosing the best product.

Sun protection UPF

Most of you will get a swim shirt precisely due to the advanced UV ray protection it offers. That’s why it is mandatory to include the sun protection factor as the first and the most important thing to consider. You need at least UPF 50+ in order to get decent sun protection.

When you get a swim shirt with the aforementioned sun protection, there won’t need to apply sun cream as frequent as when you wear conventional clothes. All the products we have mentioned above have UPF 50+ so you can make sure they are an excellent choice.


Most swim shirts are made of different materials. Luckily, at the end of a day, it all comes to the four main ones. We will explain each one separately.

  • Lycra- This material will dry quickly and it offers a decent stretch level. Keep in mind that stretchiness is decreased compared to neoprene. It also prevents chafing, which is an advantage as well.
  • Neoprene- When you need a swim shirt with the added heat insulation, neoprene is the best choice. It is commonly used in swimming suits in general when users need to dive into the cold waters.
  • Polyester- This material offers the best skin breathability which makes it a worthy choice. However, it is the same when it comes to stretchiness which may be an issue for some of you.
  • Nylon-spandex- Some of you, who are professionals like swim shirts made of this blend of materials. The advantages are the ability to dry quickly, it will stretch perfectly and it offers a tight However, thermal insulation is poor.


Fit is another, an important factor to consider. When looking for a new swim shirt, make sure it fits you perfectly. In other words, you will want to make sure there is no excess material friction. Don’t forget that some models are made to be extremely fit, while others feature a more loose style.


Some of the early swim shirts had poor stitching, which made them uncomfortable and which caused the rashes. New models are made of 6 main elements and they have flat stitching, which eliminates the risk of rashes. High-end models usually have much better stitching, meaning that if you have sensitive skin, this is a choice to make.

Style of looks of the swim shirts

Here we have an interesting factor to consider. You will notice that most of the models available on the market have appealing graphics on them. Precisely this is something to take into account. More accurately, you will want to know how the graphics are transferred to the material. There are two main types.

Sublimation is a more preferable method. It is more complicated and more expensive so the swim shirts with this method are more expensive as well. The advantage is in the fact the graphics will become one part with the swim shirt. It won’t fade and it will stay in original form as long as you wear the swim shirt.

Heat transfer is commonly seen on more affordable models. It is basically printed on the material and it is a quicker process. However, it may fade over time and it isn’t very resistant.

Drying time frame

You definitely need a swim shirt that will get completely dry as soon as possible. Reasons for that are obvious. Those that need a long period of time to get dry are usually the best possible place for bacteria and mold. Add the fact you will have to put them on while wet, which is almost impossible and you get a poor satisfaction.


In the end, we must reveal which is the best model for us and therefore for most of you. Without any doubt, it is the Women’s UV Sun Protection Long Sleeve Rash Guard Wetsuit Swimsuit Top. In other words, you have just discovered the best long sleeve swim shirt! We liked the length adjustment which allows for you to make it a dress or a shirt with a few moves and the UV ray protection. Let’s not forget that it is one of the most versatile models out there. We rate it with 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is a decent score.

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