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Top 5 Womens Ski Pants

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5 Best Womens Ski Pants Of 2018: You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Fashion For Function

When on the slopes, the first thing you need is advanced leg protection. That’s why womens ski pants are more popular than ever before. Obviously, you don’t want to lose function, but at the same time, you want fashionable ski pants. We were able to find 5 models on the market that provide both things at the highest level possible.

Top 5 Women’s Ski Pants

Helly Hansen Women’s Legendary Ski Winter Pant

The tested unit performed well on all our tests and offers superior quality in the lack of a better word. We liked the Warm Core by Prima Loft which will make sure you stay perfectly warm at any given moment. This is just one of many reasons why we believe they are the best women’s ski pants available at the moment. In addition, the insulation is 60grams, which is more than similar models have.

The unique material has been used for these ski pants. It offers superb insulation, but at the same time, it allows for the skin to breathe. An interesting addition is the fact the ski pants are waterproof, so you can stay on the slopes as long as you want. Don’t forget that the pants are available in 17 different colors.

Helly Tech Performance

The feature refers to the unique fabric that is used for the pants in question. It means that you get the maximum level of maneuverability, without having to sacrifice the protection. The fabric is also comfortable and very protective against cold, water and snow.

Venting zippers

One feature that is popular, yet rare is venting zipper. It is a small zipper implemented on the ski pants that allows for the user to cool down when needed. It is especially important for the hard-core users who will spend hours on the slopes.


  • Helly Tech Performance
  • 60 g insulation
  • Venting zippers
  • Comfortable
  • Available in 17 different versions


  • A bit pricey
  • Too large waist


Spyder Women’s Slalom Soft Shell Pants

The Spyder Women’s Slalom Soft Shell Pants are comfortable, look interesting and they offer a superb level of protection. We tested the black model and for most of us it is the most appealing version. Of course, there are other variations of the pants so you are free to choose the ones you prefer.

The construction is slightly different than other models have. For example, the pants are made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane. This unique choice of materials makes them durable, comfortable and strong at the same time.

Lower leg zippers

As you can see, at the bottom of the pants are leg zippers. They simply make the pants more practical and more convenient than any other model you can have right now. The leg zippers come with gussets which makes them even better.

Zipper coin pocket

One of the smallest elements, yet incredibly desirable ones is a pocket for coins. It is secured by a zipper and it proves the high level of attention to details. It may look like the least important feature of the pants, but we like it a lot and we believe all the pants should offer it.


  • Well-made
  • Leg zippers with gussets
  • Zipper coin pocket
  • Custom embossed details


  • Depth version looks cheap
  • Difficult to find a proper size


Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Pant

The Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Pants are known as one of the most desirable ski pants of all times. They are truly impressive when it comes to the balance between fashion and function. They also look great and we like the small elements which make them even more appealing. Of course, there are a lot more you will get from this model.

Let’s not forget about the leg gusset which is implemented in the lower leg area. Add the internal, leg gaiter and you get pants that can be used for any purpose you have on your mind. The last, but not least, you will be impressed with the overall quality and the insulation this model offers.

Omni-Tech material

The main material in this case scenario is the Nylon Legacy Twill. As a matter of fact, it is the most important material used for the pants. It offers an interesting combination between the breathability and the protection. Your legs will be able to move without any issue, but you will still get protection from the elements.

Seam sealed

One of the less-known features of the pants is the seam sealed design. It makes sure you get the ultimate protection and it makes the pants extremely durable. We were impressed with this, a small addition that is more than just beneficial and has a massive effect on the overall value for money.


  • Omni-Tech material
  • Great lining
  • Seam sealed
  • Value for money


  • Aren’t suitable for curvy women
  • Some users don’t like the finish


Boulder Gear Tech Softshell Pant – Women’s Black

If you are looking for ski pants that are excellent value for money, we recommend you this model. It has been with us for some time and it offers above the average features at a low cost. The entire model is made of high-quality materials and comes with superb protection from the elements.

The zippers and the pockets are probably the first things you will notice. In addition, there is a back pocket which is easy to reach and offers a decent amount of space. However, the pants offer complete waterproof design, meaning that your pockets will be immune to the water as well.

4-way stretch

As you can see, the pants come made of a material that offers great ability to stretch. It makes the pants more comfortable, so you will get the ultimate level of comfort. At the same time the material is strong, so the pants will stay like new for a long period of time.

Micro fleece lining

Inside we can see the Micro fleece lining which is desirable in the lack of a more appropriate word. As the result, you will get additional comfort worthy mentioning. The material is also pleasant to touch and will make sure your legs are warm while skiing.


  • 4-way stretch
  • Lining
  • Advanced pockets
  • Waterproof level


  • Smaller than similar models
  • One version only


Mountain Hardwear Women’s Returnia Insulated Pants

Now we have a white model which looks impressive. In this price range, the pants must be the best-looking model we were able to discover. So yes, they are affordable, yet they offer great comfort, they are protective and they are capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements.

On both sides, you get massive pockets that are comfortable and big enough to store a smartphone or any other item. They are warm as well, so your item will be well-protected. The pants have been more appealing choice for all girls who seek an advanced mixture between the quality, price, and comfort.

Dry. Q Core

The feature stands for the fabric which is used in the manufacturing process. It allows for the skin to breathe, yet it is 100% waterproof. Once again, this model is affordable, so you will get the latest level of protection and waterproof pants that will protect you on the slopes.


The lining inside is appealing as well. Add the adjustable waist and you get pants that can help you withstand any situation. At the same time, they are strong and durable. We should add that the comfort is outstanding.


  • Comfort
  • Micro-Chamois-lined
  • Dry.Q Core
  • Massive pockets


  • Buttons at the waistline
  • Attention to detail


Buyer’s Guide

Now is the time to present you the best possible buyer’s guide for the best women’s ski pants. As we have mentioned at the beginning, it is important to get the functionality you deserve, but at the same time to get the fashionable pants that look great while wearing them. In order to get a perfect balance, you will need to pay a close attention to the factors which will be explained below.

Types of ski pants

Before we move to the actual factors, we need your full attention. Ski pants can be divided into two main groups or categories. Each one is different and comes with the own set of advantages. This may help you get the most desirable and the most effective pants for your purpose.

  • Insulated type

These pants are more common these days and they are more desirable for some of you. In the lack of a better word, they have two shells. The first one is an insulating shell that is 100% waterproof. Inside we can see another shell that is usually softer and more comfortable.

  • Softshell ski pants

These pants are completely different. They have the exterior shell which is more flexible and softer. As such, they offer better movement and they are ideal for women who are super-active on the slopes.


Obviously, the first factor you will need to consider is the waterproofness of your new ski pants. The waterproofness is measured by the hydrostatic head rating and it is basically a test in which a bottle of water is placed against the fabric. After a specific time, the amount of water that escaped is measured. Basically, the fabric is rated for how long and how effective it is in keeping the water from penetrating the interior.

If you are interested in highly-protective ski pants, look for the hydrostatic head rating of 1.500mm. Higher is always better and will ensure better protection. Models with a lower rating are not so great.


The worst thing you can get is to wear ski pants and to feel like you are a robot. Your moves will be difficult, limited and complicated. All of this is a massive issue for beginners who make the mistake due to the fact they have forgotten about the comfort factor.

Look for models that are extremely comfortable and able to stretch in all directions. As such, you will get the ability to move effortlessly while on the slopes.


Because the second, the most important thing here is the fashion factor, we must add that design of your new ski pants is an important factor as well. Luckily there are no rules here. You are free to choose anything you like and we won’t interfere with your decision.

Leg gaiters

One of the most commonly forgotten factors to take into account is leg gaiter. It is a small addition that will make sure the snow is kept away from the interior of the pants. Early models didn’t have this feature, so skiing was usually accompanied by legs filled with snow. You won’t be able to spend as much time as you want on the slopes if you don’t take into account this factor.


Yes, pockets are important as well. Always look for pants that have 2 pockets at least. Furthermore, look for models that have pockets secured by a zipper. This is simply mandatory. Pants that have regular, open pockets are not very useful. As a matter of fact, it is the same as not having the pockets at all.


Perhaps it sounds funny, but venting pockets are mandatory as well. They are ideal when it comes to adjusting the temperature and when you want to cool down. Once again, we refer to the zipper secured venting pockets!

Waits adjustments

You must get ski pants with advanced capability to adjust the waist size. By doing this, you improve the comfort and the protective factor. More adjustment is always a better choice.


What more we can say about these models? All we can add is that the Helly Hansen Women’s Legendary is our favorite. They are the best women’s ski pants thanks to the superior insulation of 60 grams, ideal fabric and the attention to detail which includes venting zippers and 17 different versions. All combined means that this model gets 5 out of 5 star rating, which is simply impressive and also the best result possible.

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